Sunlight Readable

EVERVISION provides sunlight viewable display for customers. Our Sunlight Readable TFT display series (High Brightness LCD Modules) is featured with brightness up to 1800 (cd/m² ) and sizes including 3.5", 4.3”LCD Modules,  7" LCD Display , 10.1” TFT Display and 15.0 inch TFT LCD.

Our range of Sunlight Readable displays increasing the brightness of the backlight, generally from 800 to 1000 (cd/m²) or greater make the display much easier to read in outdoor or bright conditions.

EVERVISION Sunlight Readable TFT displays have more than one interface options including MCU, TTL RGB, LVDS, HDMI and MIPI. Moreover, TFT LCD modules with control board or touch panel are also available. 

Please use the product filter below to help you find an Sunlight Readable display monitor that is suitable for your application. 

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