Wide Viewing Angle


The requirement of wide viewing angle is increasing with the rising popularity of TFT applications. EVERVISION develops a full series of technology to meet customer's needs, including MVA technology (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment), IPS technology (In-Plane Switching), AAS technology (Azimuthal Anchoring Switch), etc.
We absorb information from display at every moment. Are you aware of the difference when you watch your display at each angle? The main reason is transmission of light rays of different elevation angle on the surface. There is quite different between watching from front view and side view. It has the scope of view angle.


TN technology has been widely used in the industrial equipment. The disadvantages of TN-LCD type are narrow viewing angles and gray scale inversion. Gray bars are from gray level G0 (black) to G255 (white). Theoretically, the higher gray level is, the higher brightness is. However, you can see low gray level is brighter than high gray level at some specific angles and that is called gray scale inversion.

The illustration below shows the principle of different LCD panels ↓

Why choose EVERVISION?

In addition to wide viewing angle TFT modules, EVERVISION offers a full series of TFT LCD module with optional relative Wide View Film (O-Film). This O-film is affixed to polarizer, so we uphold our attachment process without purchasing new machine, adjusting production processes and adding jigs. Comparing  to MVA technology or IPS technology, O- film has higher price competitive strengths.

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