Stretched TFT Display

Different products with different visual


The market is loaded with 16:9 and 4:3 TFT display/LCM, which are commonly used in phone, computer and TV. But for some applications, these sizes are not suitable. With the development of technology and Smart City, bar type TFT are much better for some special size required allocations, such as POS, home appliance, audio equipment, server equipment, gaming machine, etc. Displays have widely been used in our daily life. They have their best usage and visual in different applications. They can even be used for showing information in public transportation.

Evolution and bar type display


Back to prehistoric age, people watch the cave painting. In contrary, we watch variety of display nowadays. The research shows that normal width of monocular visual field for light stimulus has these peripheral borders: up- 60 degrees, down - 75 degrees. While looking with both eyes width of visual field is 200 degrees going from right to left frontal line; therefore, the best bar type display is abide by ergonomics design. Besides, it’s more efficient to provide the information by putting them in horizon altogether; instead of widening equally the display.

Close to our life


Bar type display adopts long strip form to fulfill the special application needs. We offer a wide range of LCM and specialized service to our customers.
The sheet below is EVERVISION's bar type TFT products. If you need any further information, please contact EVERVISION.

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