Open Frame Monitors

What is an Open Frame Monitor?

An Open Frame Monitor is a display device mainly situated in a bare metal enclosure and does not usually include a bezel. It benefits clients have the flexibility to customize an enclosure design that suits their specifications and needs. It's perfectly suitable for kiosks, ATM, POS, marine, medical, transportation, industrial automation, commercial display and outdoor application. EVERVISION LCD Open Frame Monitor has high quality interactive experience and also compatible with the VESA Interface Standard, ensuring a perfect solution for any LCD display or VESA size.

What is the VESA Mount Standard?

The VESA Standard defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of Monitor (distance horizontally x distance vertically). It's defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat panel monitors, televisions, and other displays to stands or wall mounts.

Standard Open Frame Monitor Series

1. Sizes: 10.1", 10.4", 12.1", 15"
2. VESA Standard Mounting (75x75 mm, 100x100 mm)
3. RTP/PCAP Optional
4. Interfaces:VGA/DVI/HDMI
5. Cover Glass (Optional):Optical Bonding / Chemical strengthening

☛Link to Open Frame Monitor 

Why Choose EVERVISION's Open Frame Monitors?

EVERVISION is a reliable professional LCM supplier and manufacturer. We offer our customers the best service with a short delivery time, flexible quantities and customized solutions. Our Open Frame Monitor series support rear or VESA mount with integrated bracket design for easy installation and is ideal for different embedded applications. 

⋄ Custom Design

Touch Solution / High Brightness Option / Cover Lens & Coating

To meet requirements of customer needs, we customize not only frame, but also cover glass such as chemical strengthening, print, optical bonding and so on. In addition, we offer customer-focused solutions to overcome their challenges, such as gloves touch, water resistant touch and different types of customer needs. On the basis of customer's request comprises a requirement of brightness, we provide Auto Ambient Light Sensor and high brightness 1000cd/m² LCD Open Frame Monitor that is suitable for outdoor applications. 

• Cover Lens/Coating : AF(Anti-Fingerprint/Anti-Smudge), AG(Anti-Glare), AR(Anti-Reflection), AB(Anti-Bacterial)

⋄ Variety Sizes

LCD monitors screen sizes are available from 10.1″ to 21.5 inch.

⋄ Multiple Interfaces

Standard Open Frame Monitor : VGA/DVI/HDMI Signal Interface ; USB for Touch Panel

New Product - USB Open Frame Monitor : USB interface, Single USB 3.0 Cable Connection

⋄ Touch Panel / Touch Screen

• Resistive Touch Screen

• Projected Capacitive Touchscreen (Multi-Touch up to 10 points)

EVERVISION Open Frame Monitor Integration

Plug and Play Solution - USB Interface

⋄ USB 3.0 Controller

In addition to standard series, we develop the Open Frame Monitor with USB interface. It is designed to use USB controller solution connecting display and touch panel with single USB 3.0 Type-B cable. Moreover, it's an ideal solution for dual or multiple monitors.

☛ Link to USB Open Frame Monitor

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