Adaptive Ambient Light TFT

How to deal with changing light conditions?

Have you ever thought that the monitor in your foyer or a digital picture in your living room automatically shows “Welcome home” when you arrive at home or shows today’s weather when you are going to leave home? When you want to eat dinner, smart refrigerator that can give you recipes based on what's inside your fridge.  As example above, technology changes the way we live. Without doubt, technology bring us a bright new future.

Displays can be found everywheren our daily life. They have one thing in common — backlight. It plays a key role in displays. The image can’t be crystal-clear without backlight. However, it has a weakness of electricity consumption, representing 40% of the entire consumption. If the brightness of backlight in relation to luminescence state of its surroundings can be adjusted, it will save in electricity cost.

In fact, the design of product is not only to meet customers’ requirements, but also improve user experience. EVERVISION’s TFT LCD modules combine the Ambient Light Sensors (ALS) that is commonly used in LCD Backlight Control in mobile phones. It provides precise light detection for a wide range of ambient brightness and optimizes its glow to suit the ambient light and keep eyes comfortable. Better dimming control of LCD backlight, resulting in super-efficient energy saving.

How does Ambient Light Sensor(ALS) work?

Ambient light sensors (ALS) main functions is to be adaptive transmit signal to LED backlight as ambient light changes and adjust its brightness levels.

Our ambient light contains invisible light (ultraviolet ray, near ultraviolet ray…etc.) and visible light (wavelength between 400 and 750 nm). The ambient light sensors (ALS) have sensitivity of eyes spectrum and high dynamic range (0.01 Lux to 83000 Lux). With these features it can avoid noises of invisible light as well as reducing energy consumption by adjusting the brightness.

The principle of ambient light sensors (ALS) is to convert ambient light to signal and alter analog signals to digital signals through Analog-to-digital converter. The LED backlight of TFT LCD module is adaptive adjusted with the commands of the signals. This is achieved by PWM output signals through I2C and MCU interface.

EVERVISION’s Ambient Light Adaptive Displays

⋄ Automatic Brightness Control

Automatically set the brightness lower at circumstances with very low illumination;Automatically set the brightness higher at circumstances with very high illumination.
Bundled with EVERVISION’s TFT LCD module, customer can easily update firmware by the provided software. It can also adjust its brightness levels and burn the software by J2 C/N of ambient light sensor board, that can support a wide range of input voltage (VIN +3V~+24V). This input voltage range meets the requirements of vast majority TFT LCD modules.

Why choose EVERVISION’s Adaptive Ambient Light TFT LCD module?

EVERVISION is a reliable professional LCM supplier and manufacturer, being available in various sizes with the corresponding ambient light sensors (ALS). Adjusted ambient light sensors (ALS) don’t get affected by covering a Cover Glass (CG). There are two dimming options: EVERVISION customize and customers adjust the settings on provided ALS utility tools. EVERVISION's Adaptive Ambient Light TFT LCD module provide our customer a clear display at low power consumption.

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