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Requirements for Industrial Monitor

"Durability and Stability" 

To choose the right TFT LCD module for your application, when it comes to industrial display, there are several factors to be considered: Size, Brightness, Operating Temperature, Interface, LED Driver, Touch Screen. With EVERVISION display solution, you can count on the highest quality. We designed these monitors for reliable continuous operation in an industrial environment.

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Standard TFT LCD Modules

EVERVISION standard TFT-LCD display modules are available in various sizes from 3.5", 4.3", 7.0", 10.1" to 15.6 inch. These TFT LCD modules are including options of touch screen, TFT LCM with controller board and interface signal. 

☛ Standard TFT LCD Modules 



Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Modules

Our range of Sunlight Readable displays increasing the brightness of the backlight, generally from 800 to 1000 (cd/m²) or greater make the display much easier to read in outdoor or bright conditions.
Sunlight Readable TFT displays have more than one interface options including MCU, TTL RGB, LVDS, HDMI and MIPI. Moreover, TFT LCD modules with control board or touch panel are also available. 

☛ Sunlight Readable TFT LCD Modules 


Wide Temperature TFT LCD Modules

We offer a series of wide temperature TFT LCD modules with operating temperatures ranging from -30°C to +80°C, and the maximum for some models can reach 85°C. 

☛ Wide Temperature TFT LCD Modules



 Wide Viewing Angle TFT LCD Modules

There are various common ways to align the crystals for a wide viewing angle, such as the (MVA) multi-domain vertical alignment or (IPS) in-plane switching. In addition to wide viewing angle modules, EVERVISION offers a full series of TFT LCD modules with optional relative Wide View Film (O Film). 

☛ Wide Viewing Angle TFT LCD Modules 

What Can We Offer?

EVERVISION TFT LCD modules are designed to perform in environments ranging from factories to commercial application. Our durable TFT display delivers high contrast, high brightness, wide viewing angles, and wide operating temperature ranges. 
We have many customized TFT LCD modules as well as system solution fulfilling any demand. Controller board or special sizes can be available depend on customer's requirement.

⋄ Variety Sizes

EVERVISION displays are full color LCDs available in industry standard sizes ranging from 3.5”, 4.3”, 7.0”, 10.1” to 15.6 inch TFT display and resolutions from QVGA (320 x 240), WQVGA (480x272), VGA (640x480), XGA (1024x768) to WXGA(1280x800).

⋄ Brightness / Backlighting Option

Advances in LED backlight technology mean that you can have a world of information and services at your display.

High Brightness / Sunlight Readable

Longer Life Cycle

Lower Consumption

Ambient Light Sensor(Option)

⋄ Operating Temperature / Environment

Industrial, medical devices and non-automotive transportation, among others, often require LCD displays that can operate in extreme temperature environments. EVERVISION offer extreme temperature TFT LCD display with a wide operating temperature range of -30 ~ 80°C (some models can reach to 85°C). In addition, we also have Glass Heater Solution for extremely low temperature conditions.

⋄ LCD Panel Type

TN type (Twisted Nematic)

IPS (In-Plane Switching)

VA (Vertical Alignment)

⋄ Interface

Our TFT LCD Displays also offer a variety of interface options including: TTL RGB (18/24-Bits), LVDS (1 or 2 ch, 6/8-Bits), MCU, HDMI (For HDMI Signal), eDP, MIPI

support touch panels in resistive and capacitive technology.

⋄ Touch / Firmware tuning

EVERVISION's TFT LCM is a fully configurable display solution that enables you to choose different touch technologies and firmware tuning for your application.

Resistive Touch Screen: 4 or 5 wire

Capacitive Touch Screen: Single or Multi-Touch / Firmware tuning to suit your application / Optimising for gloves/water resistant capacitive touch

⋄ Surface Treatment

Optical bonding and AG and AR surface treatments also improve display legibility without impacting power consumption, making reflection management key to beating power budget and battery weight design constraints in display devices.

Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Reflection (AR), Surface Low Reflection (SLR) Film, O-Film(for wide view solution), Anti-Bacterial (AB Coating)

Optical Bonding (for sunlight readable solution), Mechanical Design (cut/printing)

Product Application

EVERVISION Standard TFT LCD Displays also offer a variety of interface options including MCU, TTL RGB, eDP, LVDS, MIPI and more, as well as a line of modules that support touch panels in resistive and capacitive technology. We have many customized TFT LCD modules as well as system solution fulfilling any demand. Controller board or special sizes can be available depend on customer's requirement. It is suitable for industrial equipment, handheld devices, embedded system, medical equipment, etc. EVERVISION offers the rich diversity of mid-size TFT LCD modules, we are sure to have the perfect fit for your application requirements.

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