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Choosing the Right Industrial Display

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation in manufacturing technologies and this is the major force pushing the TFTLCD manufacturers into high-mix and low-volume business model. It's also driving the growth of the industrial display market including LCD display,  panel PC, HMI(Human Machine Interface) and embedded system. When it comes to factory automation, TFT LCD display panels and touch screen continue to be in high demand among the various kinds of display panels. That's why many TFT-LCD manufacturers dedicate to providing optimal solutions to meet the diversified needs of customers. EVERVISION offers complete solutions for industrial LCD display. Our products are highly reliable, stable and provide features including high brightness, high resolution, LED backlight, optimized touch technology, and extreme temperatures operations. 

Industrial TFT Display Requirements 

✦ Durability:high temperature resistance & stable touch screen technology  

✦ Readablity: high brightness, sunlight readable / wide viewing angle technology

✦ Product Life Cycle:LCD module and LED backlight lifetime

✦ Stability:reliability test of TFT-LCD

Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle Product life cycles are typically much shorter in consumer applications beacause of the changing market needs. In contrast, display modules for industrial applications require long product life cycles. To maintain stability, industrial display must conduct stringently test to ensure the safety or reliability of product structures. Inspection is a must in quality control and that's why industrial displays typically have very long product life cycles. EVERVISION is dedicated to offering complete solutions and long product life cycles targeted for the industrial display market.


High Brightness / Sunlight Readable

In fact, many industrial LCD display are designed to be installed outdoors or in brightly lit facilities. Readability in bright environments is one of the critical factors of the display intended for use in industrial environment. Additionally, industrial displays are not only used in factory automation machine and manufacturing equipment, but also widely used in marine and outdoor applications. It is difficult to view standard displays in outdoor environment or even direct sunlight because the brightness of the sunlight is much higher than the brightness of the display. To solve this problem, we adjust the design of backlight brightness, enabling to have better performance and extend lifespan of display. Our Sunlight Readable TFT display series is featured with brightness up from 800 to 1800 (cd/m²). Another way to reduce the effects of TFT-LCD display internal reflections is optical bonding process or adding AG(Anti-Glare) / AR(Anti-Reflective) coating to the surface of a cover lens for high-ambient environments.

☛ Link to Sunlight Readable Solution


Wide Viewing Angle

Demand for wide-viewing-angle TFT-LCD displays has increased in industrial applications. Obviously, ”Viewing Angle” is another selection factor of industrial display. It is important that displays used in industrial applications support clear and precise viewing from multiple angles. Basically, most of the TFT-LCD glasses for industrial applications in the market are TN-LCD types. However, the disadvantages of TN-LCD type are narrow viewing angles and gray scale inversion. Now, customers in industrial markets can benefit from the high-contrast and wide viewing angles achieved with EVERVISION's wide viewing angle technology such as MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) , IPS (In-Plane Switching), AAS(Azimuthal Anchoring Switch) and TN-Film(O-Film). 

☛ Link to Wide Viewing Angle Technology


Display Solution for Harsh Environment

To choose the right TFT LCD module for your application, both quality and durability are recognized as essential conditions for industrial display. That's because display for industrial equipment may be exposed to extreme temperatures, water, dirt and dust. Therefore, one major benefit from industrial display is the ability to operate with high reliability in the harshest industrial environments. With EVERVISION industrial display solution, you can count on the highest quality. We designed these monitors for reliable continuous operation in an industrial environment. 

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EMI: Electromagnetic Interference

"Stability" is another key selection factor. Considering the increasing demands for low electromagnetic interference, many of the EVERVISION TFT modules have undergone EMI compliance self-tests and performed well at specified EMI limits (30-230 MHz: limit 40 dBuV/m, 230-1000 MHz: limit 47 dBuV/m). 

☛ Link to EMI Compliance Test

EVERVISION Industrial TFT LCD Modules

Customized LCD Modules

EVERVISION offers various TFT LCD module, passive matrix LCD technologies and customized service, such as wide viewing angle, wide temperature solution, high contract, sunlight readable technology, multiple interface, driving board, and so on. In addition, we provide optional projected capacitive (PCAP) touch screen and resistive touch screen for the industrial fields. Also, we provide technical advisory service and additional functions, such as water resistant touch, gloves touch and customized CG. Our TFT-LCD  solutions can be designed to meet any of your specific requirements.

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