5.7" 640x480 Sunlight Readable TFT LCD with LVDS Interface

Model No.VGG644804-T(SR)


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► VGA (640×480 pixels) resolution.
► Digital 18 bit parallel RGB.
► Dot inversion mode with stripe type.
► Ultra Wide View Polarizer

VGG644804-T is a 5.7 inch Sunlight Readable LCD Display that supports LVDS interface. It can be operating at temperatures from -30~80℃ and storage temperatures range from -30~80℃. 5.7 inch TFT (VGG644804-T) supports sunlight readable is a high brightness TFT LCD module. It is suitable for industrial equipment, handheld devices, embedded system, medical equipment, etc.

5.7 inch 640x480 Sunlight Readable LCD Display, Support LVDS Interface and Optional Touch Screen


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