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EVERVISION provides standard products as well as customized LCD/LCD Module, offering a wide range of optional, including backlight, interface, board, heater, touch panel, PCB, and etc. We also have different coating (AG/AR /AF) for touch panel that is widespread use of Industrial application. EVERVISION also provides service of Semi-Custom, supporting customer more flexibility and options by using standard module or relative material.

【Customized LCD/LCD Module】

EVERVISION is a professional customized LCD/LCD Module Manufacturer, becoming one of the world’s leading display solution provider for manufacturers of various TFT LCD module, passive matrix LCD technologies and customized service, such as wide viewing angle, wide temperature solution, high contract, sunlight readable technology, interface, bridge board, and etc.

EVERVISION focuses on the development of LCD/LCD Module. To save the time of design/ seeking new resource/ product inspection, we provides customer different options for their own requirement, including customized LED backlight, PCB design, customized touch panel, CG, and additional function. Our knowledge and expertise in the business arises from servicing nearly 30 years of the customers around the world, understanding the complex and dynamic risk issues they face and allowing us to design and place the optimum solution on behalf of our clients.

【Customized Touch Panel Module】

In contrast to traditional manufacturer of TFT LCD Module, we produce our own projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP), it's also called improve projected capacitive touch panel (IPCT). It can be attached with our standard TFT module, and we also offer customized size and system solutions.

To satisfy different design requirements for customer's products based on application features of different industries, we offer technical advisory service and additional functions, such as resistive touch panel, water resistant touch panel, glove touch panel, customized CG, and Coating (AG/AR/AF).

【Customized LED Backlight Module】

According to customer’s needs, EVERVISION produce on LED Backlight Module products an Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) basis. For example, design of outline, high brightness, wide color gamut, and etc. To meet customer’s service needs and faster development times, EVERVISION provides our customers a solution through effective communication and professional technical services.

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