LCD Touch Key


EVERVISION's LCD Touch Key is an ideal monochrome display solution combining high sensitivity capacitive touch. Our LCDTouch Key (Smart Touch Switch Modules) are used, for instance, in solutions for home automation, white goods and various smart switch devices.

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  • LCD Display Driver with Touch Key Function 
  • Higher contrast ratio and wider viewing angle
  • Support up to 40seg*4com resolution
  • 16 channel touch keys (MAX)
  • Single Touch (Button/Scrolls/Wheels)
  • Interface (I2C and SPI)
  • OT:can support -30℃~+80℃
  • Up to 8 inch LCD Size       
  • Option
    • Water Resistance
    • Glove Touch
    • Thickness up to 5mm (Materials for nameplate: Mirror Coating/Glass/PMMA…etc.)


It's suitable for bathroom controller, air conditioning control switch, smart fan touch switch, industrial products, medical equipment, smart remote control and so on.

We use VA technology for the LCD Panel in the video because it has better viewing angle and high contrast ratio.  In addition to VA LCD, it is available for different types of LCD according to customer requirements. Application presentation video below:

 LCD Cutting   Capacitive Touch button   Cutomized Design


 LCD Cutting   Multicolor Printing   Capacitive Touch button   Cutomized Design

☛ More EVERVISION LCDTouch Key Application Video

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