LCD R&D Center

【LCD R&D Center】

EVERVISION is one of the leading LCD manufacturers in the world. We introduced professional techniques and advanced equipment from Japan. Since being established in 1998, EVERVISION has been producing TN LCD and we constantly upgraded our production of LCD to HTN、STN、FSTN, etc. Also, we design and produce professionally for each kind of standard and non-standard type, ICON type, Dot Matrix type, Graphic type.
Through EVERVISON’s superb technology, we offer not only products of standard specification but also custom products to satisfy needs of different markets, including automotive industry, industrial equipment, etc. In addition to continuously improving our current technology for TN and STN, we are also dedicated to developing and manufacturing negative displays of high contrast ratio (VA), TFT LCM, 3D and touch panels, etc.
EVERVISION is equipped with advanced precision tools and machinery (LCD-5200), which is used to develop and test our new technology. According to electro-Optical properties and temperature characteristics measured by scales conforming to international standard, we are able to estimate LCD display function.
EVERVISION has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications and all of our factories producing LCD comply with the RoHS regulations. It’s our responsibility to provide safe environment for our customers. We believe that only if we have concept of sustainable development, we can create more friendly and comfortable environment for future generations.

【Professional Technology】

Mother Glass Size 370mm x 400mm
Mother Glass Thickness 0.4mm、0.5mm、0.55mm、0.7mm、1.1mm
Pixel Gap 10um
Duty 1/360 Duty and less
Connection Zebra、TAB、Heat Seal、COG、COF、PIN etc.
PIN Pitch 1.27mm、1.5mm、1.8mm、2.0mm、2.54mm etc.
With new developed material, we provide product with the mirror surface type, brighter type, thinner type, holographic type or metal-color LCD.

Measurement Equipment LCD-5200 - Measurement Items

Transmittance and Voltage(Negative)

Transmittance and Voltage(Positive)

Response Time

Film Speed (ISO)

Contrast Ratio

Spectrum and Chromaticity

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