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Issue August 2020

  EVERVISION Wide Viewing Angle Technology

TN displays can suffer from limited viewing angles and gray scale inversion. However, many applications require wider viewing angle TFT display. As a solution, EVERVISION provides a full series of technology to meet customer's needs, including MVA technology (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment), IPS technology (In-Plane Switching), AAS technology (Azimuthal Anchoring Switch), etc. Moreover, we provide optional relative wide view film (O-Film) based on TFT modules. 
☛ More information about Wide Viewing Angle Solution

Wide Viewing Angle TFT Series

EVERVISION's Wide View TFT Display has various sizes ranging from 3.5 inch to 15.6 inch and brightness up to 1500 (cd/m2). It features a high quality color performance and wider viewing angle. These wider viewing angle TFT  LCD displays also offer a variety of interface options including MCU, TTL RGB, eDP, LVDS, MIPI and so on. It is available for Touch Screen optional, as well as high brightness option for this model. 
Benefits of EVERVISION Wide View TFT Series:

  • Outstanding color performance and consistency
  • Maximum available viewing angles
  • Custom design option

☛  EVERVISION Wide View TFT Series

Wide View IPS TFT Display 

When it comes to color performance and wide viewing angles, IPS monitors are really great. The reason why IPS displays have better clarity of color than traditional TFT displays is its arrangement of electrodes and orientation layers which is an important part. It gives both horizontally and vertically wider viewing angle while maintaining consistent image quality and colors from all viewing positions. IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology

☛ Link to 4.3 inch TFT VGG804830-H (RTP : 4Wire)

☛ Link to 7.0 inch TFT VGG106009-E (Touch Panel : USB Interface)

☛ Link to 8.0 inch TFT VGG107613-B (Touch Panel : USB Interface)

☛ Link to 10.1 inch TFT VGG128010-I (Touch Panel : Option)

Open Frame Monitor Solution 

EVERVISION Open Frame LCD Monitor series support rear or VESA mount with integrated bracket design for easy installation. Whether your application is for industrial or commercial, we offer our best service with a short delivery time, flexible quantities and customized solution for you. 

♦ Flexible Design:10.1" to 21.5 inch.

♦ Multiple Interface: VGA/DVI/HDMI signal input and USB interface ( USB Open Frame Monitor)

♦ Touch Panel / Touch screen:  Resistive or Projected Capacitive Touchscreen (Multi-Touch up to 10 points)

♦ High brightness options: Sunlight Readable Enhancement / Ambient Light Sensor

♦ Cover Lens/Coating: AF(Anti-Fingerprint/Anti-Smudge), AG(Anti-Glare), AR(Anti-Reflection), AB(Anti-Bacterial)

♦ Other Custom design: Gloves Touch, Wet finger touch(Water Resistance) and so on.

☛ Link to Open Frame Monitor Solution

☛ Link to USB Open Frame Monitor 

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