E-News Letter2020.05.21

Issue May 2020

Medical Display, EVERVISION Can Help

Coronavirus pandemic(COVID-19) is continuing spread across the world, EVERVISION would like to express our gratitude to all kinds of workers who are fighting on the front line. As a professional LCD/LCM manufacturer, EVERVISION can help.

We hope that our professional ability can help the world. If you are searching for medical displays for ventilators or temporal thermometer etc . EVERVISION can quickly provide quotation and assist in arranging the fastest delivery. We provide various standard TFT LCD display and medical solution.

For more information, you can make use of “Contact Us” or call for our sales (TEL: +886-2-8227-2788).

Let's take actions to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic!  

 Hospital Ventilator

Recommended items:

 4.3” TFT LCM:VGG482710-B 

 5.0” TFT LCM:VGG804821-A / VGG804838-A(IPS)

 5.7” TFT LCM:VGG322403-A / VGG644803-G

 7.0” TFT LCM:VGG804806-A / VGG106004-A

 7.0” IPS LCM:VGG804833-A / VGG106007-B

 COG LCMVGG120615-FA(128x64) / VGG130607-A(132x64)

 Pulse Oximeter 

Recommended items:

 4.3” TFT LCM:VGG482709-A 

 4.3” IPS LCM:VGG482714-A / VGG804830-A

 VA / Full Viewing Angle LCD

 Blood Glucose Machine 

Recommended items:


 VA / Full Viewing Angle VA LCD


 Temporal Thermometer

Recommended items:


 VA / Full Viewing Angle VA LCD


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