E-News Letter2019.11.15

Issue November 2019

November Theme - New Website Quick Guide!

Providing a great user experience for our prestigious clients is the key to ensure our website always improving for the better. 

 Link to Product webpage. New filter design makes it easy to find the product quickly and easily.

 Link to Solutionwebpage. Find out EV's ideal solution and product series.

New Product – 4.3 inch Wide View TFT LCD Module

VGG804830-H is a 4.3 inches TFT LCD module with 800RGBx480 resolution. The outline size of the module is 105.5*67.2*4.2 (mm). VGG804830-H supports TTL RGB interface, driven by 3.0~3.6 V. It’s suitable for small industrial equipment, Safety control systems, and portable devices and various applications that require wide viewing angle.


Link to VGG804830-H webpage.

New Product – 8.0 inch IPS TFT LCD Module

VGG107613-C is an 8.0 inches IPS TFT module with 1024RGBx768 resolution, supporting HDMI* interface, driven by 11.5~12.5 V (Ideal 12.0V).  The outline size of the VGG107613-C is 174.0*136.0*9.5 (mm). VGG107613-C its adopt LED backlighting driver IC to save time of LED board design and optimize cost. Our product uses PWM controls to fine-tune the results, making better lighting performance.

Link to VGG107613-C webpage.


16th EVERLIGHT Cup - 3 on 3 basketball game

EVERVISION organize different staff activities such as basketball competition. All of the employees showed great team spirits in 3 on 3 basketball game. 

Company Trip 


Happy Employees, Happy Company! EVERVISION taking a company trip to thank all staff members for their outstanding performance and their dedication to quality. We have a shared interest in serving our customers the best service

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